Ida-Maria Gasparotto & Andreas MALANDI

In autumn 2003 we went to „Cervia“ - a small town in Italy - to spend a holiday seaside. At the beach we bought a kite with two lines for 12,- €. But as much we tried it never flew. Back to Vienna I found a kite shop, where I explained the shop assistant that I played last time with a kite when I was 8 years old and she should sell me the simplest kite she has. This was our first delta kite.  3 weeks later I went back to buy a rokkaku kite.


At a kite festival at the Danube island and later in Parndorf we got for the first time in touch with other kiters. (Daniela: already that time I loved your beautiful “bamboo mini kites”.)


Helmut Georgi invited us to the international kite festival in Cervia and he also brought us in touch with the Viennese kite club. Fortunately Ida-Maria soon was infected by the “kite virus” too, otherwise it would be difficult to spend almost every weekend on the fields flying kites. Meantime you can find us every year at numerous Austrian and international kite festivals.


Meanwhile we sew and build our own kites. How many kites we have we do not know – this is permanent item of discussions between Ida-Maria and me.


P.S.: the “Cervia stunt kite” never flew!